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Getting started

Can I use Found if I have an LLC?
Can I use Found internationally?
How do I activate my Found card?
How does Found work?
How to get Found
I’m having trouble verifying my SSN
I'm having trouble verifying my phone number
Is Found FDIC-insured?
I signed up for Found, but my account isn't active yet. What do I do?
How much does Found cost?
When will my Found card arrive?
Who is Found for?
Why haven't I received my Found card yet?

Using Found

Can I access my Found account on a desktop computer?
Can I link my Found card to Apple Pay or Google Pay?
Can I use my Found card at an ATM?
How do card payments on invoices work?
Does Found issue checks?
How do I close my Found account?
How do I dispute a transaction?
How do I get money out of my Found account?
How do I update the phone number on my account?
How do I upgrade my Found account?
How will bank holidays affect my deposit schedule?
My card was stolen, lost, or damaged
Paying yourself
How long do transfers to a linked bank account take?
Using your Found card
Where can I find my bank statements?
Why did I receive a card from “Indie”?
Why do I need to upgrade my Found account?

Funding your Found account

Eligibility for Depositing PPP Loan Payments
Are there deposit or transaction limits?
How do I fund my Found account?
How do I link a bank account to Found?
How do I set up direct deposit?
I need a direct deposit form from Found!
How do I link my Found account to PayPal?
When will my funds be available?
Where can I find a voided check or bank letter?
Why was my direct deposit canceled?
Can I receive wire transfers to my Found account?
Depositing checks
Using your account and routing number


How do I add my past business expenses into my Found account?
How is my tax bill calculated?
How should I categorize my business expenses?
What are quarterly taxes?
What can I deduct?
What is a Schedule C?
What is self-employment tax?
How do write-offs work?
How does my Taxes account work?
Need a hand?
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